This Is My Home,
This Is My School
by Jonathan Bean
Farrar, Straus and Giroux, 2015

"VERDICT Bean's introduction to a free-spirited yet structured homeschool lifestyle offers a warm and accessible perspective on an increasingly common educational choice rarely seen in children's books. A first purchase."
--School LIbrary Journal, starred review

"It’s clear from the start that this is no ordinary back-to-school tale. We open on a rural scene of a house isolated in fields and trees, then the next page is a hand-drawn academic calendar next to a handwriting worksheet. A young version of the author narrates a day out of his home-schooled life directly to readers, from his classroom (a love seat near a wood-burning stove) to the “crabby cafeteria lady” (Mom at the end of a long school day). Jonathan Bean’s frenzied watercolor art bleeds out of its lines, and portrays the loving chaos of the author’s home-schooled years. Homes come in many shapes and forms, so do schools — and sometimes they’re one and the same." --USA Today

"The family from Building Our House returns, but this time their son tells readers all about life as a home-schooled kid . . . The ultimate message of the book seems to be that home schooling, at its best, positions learning as the stuff of life . . . Home sweet school." --Kirkus

"Warmhearted . . . Capture[s] the coziness as well as the frenetic pace of the homeschooling day."
-- Horn Book